Allowed items:

The permitted articles of clothing can be proposed as long as they have been scrupulously washed, if already worn. In the case of items / items sold as new, the tags must be shown in the published images of the items.

Prohibited items:

The list is purely indicative. Advertisements with unsuitable items, dangerous to health, contrary to moral principles, morality and the regulations in force, as well as the general Ubuyup conditions, will be removed.

Check that your listings and ads comply with our General Rules and Conditions.

DT SHOP ltd reserves the right not to publish advertisements contrary to the editorial policy, to proceed at any time to their cancellation and, in the most serious cases, to the obscuring of the advertisements, as well as to the interruption of any further relationship with the User through Account cancellation.

We reserve, at any time, the right to evaluate, approve, delete or prevent the advertisement or the right to inhibit consultation or contact via the ad response form in the event that, at its sole discretion, the use of the Service by the User refers to particular product sections or can be considered as an infringement of the rights or prerogatives of DT SHOP ltd or third parties. It is understood that even in the case of evaluation and approval of the advertisements, DT SHOP ltd does not provide any guarantee regarding the content, completeness and correctness of the advertisements.